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Mark Trewitt

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Mark Trewitt

Meet Mark Andrew Trewitt, a highly regarded financial planning expert who has made a profound impact over the last two decades. Through more than 250 educational seminars on "Practical Tax Solutions" and "Stop the Wealth Leakage," his insightful advice has redirected tens of millions of dollars from client taxes to the causes they hold dear.


As a published author of the book "Integrated Generosity - Moving from Involuntary Philanthropy toward Intentional Stewardship and Directed Generosity," his dedication to assisting clients in making informed financial decisions shines through. His extensive expertise encompasses vital areas such as business succession/transition, wealth preservation, zero-tax estate planning, and high-impact charitable planning, all of which have been integral to his successful career.


Beyond his professional life, he finds joy in spending precious moments with his family and indulging in his favorite hobbies of golf and fishing. These pursuits provide a refreshing escape and enable him to connect with nature and partake in friendly competition.


A proud fourth-generation native of Dallas, Mark Trewitt, along with his wife Rosalyn, resides in a serene rural community near Lake Texoma. Now, empty nesters, their family has grown to include two sons and their wives, as well as three cherished grandchildren with more expected to arrive in the future.


His distinguished professional journey seamlessly aligns with his interests and deep-rooted commitment to philanthropy. He continually seeks knowledge, demonstrates exceptional leadership abilities, and actively engages in community service, emphasizing his personal and professional growth.


His unwavering passion for golf, fishing, and giving back significantly enriches his life and fuels his mission of helping clients achieve financial security while supporting the causes they truly care about.


For those seeking financial advisory services, Mark A Trewitt offers his expertise through Delta Investment Management (DIM), an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Please note that IFSG University is not accredited as an institution of higher learning, and besides an administrative services agreement, IFSG and IFSG University have no affiliation with DIM.


“Advisory services offered through Delta Investment Management (DIM), an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Investing in securities involves a risk of loss. Past performance is never a guarantee of future returns.”


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